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Saddle sizes

There are two relevant aspects in terms of saddle sizes: one is the size of the saddle in terms of fitting the rider and the other is the saddle sizes that are important in terms of the saddle fitting the horse.

Regarding the saddle sizes in relation to the size of the rider there are two ways of measurements. The traditional Portuguese saddle is measured in centimetres (cm). The size ( S in the picture below) is measured from the front to the back of the saddle. If you write us with the perimeter of your waist in centimetres we will be able to suggest you a saddle size.


Portuguese saddle sizes


The other Portuguese saddle models such as D. Dinis saddle, D. Domingues saddle or Portuguese equitation saddle have their measures in inches like the vast majority of other saddles internationally. Therefore the choice of the size in this saddles is facilitated, basically if you would choose an English saddle of 16 inches then for these models you also can choose the same size.

Regarding the saddle measurements for fitting the back of your horse, one can say that the standard measurements we use, in principle, should fit well to most Lusitano horses. If you think that the back of your horse is different from the most Lusitanos or you want to use a Portuguese saddle in a different horse breed you are very welcome to write us and we will let you know what are the measurements we require to make the tree saddle to fit well the back of your horse. The saddle will have then a specific height (H in the picture below) and width (W in the picture below).


Portuguese saddle sizes